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Compu Data Profiler


Data profiling is the process of examining the data available in existing data sources (for example, databases or applications) and collecting statistics and information about this data.


Data profiling helps to assess the quality level of the data contained in the information system according to defined set goals.


Compu Data Profiler is a data profiling tool that defines the content, structure and quality of highly complex data structures. It analyzes data on an ongoing basis, and analyzes changes to source data over time to improve its quality.


Compu Data Profiler allows you to better explore the relationship between tables as well as the quality of data through comparing identical columns in tables.


It provides the possibility to explore relationships between two or more columns so that these relationships give a new interpretation in the case of correlation matrices.


It also allows you to set up data quality rules based on WHERE clauses and add them as indicators to table analyses. You can as well define expected thresholds on the data quality indicator‘s value. The range defined is used for measuring the quality of the data in the selected table.