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Back Office Offerings


We believe in a holistic approach towards customer experience management. We transcend the transaction-based approach to proactively carry out back office operations. This enables your organization to seamlessly deliver services to your customers. Under this ambit, our services cover credit card verifications, processing of transactions, accounts receivables, alerts for direct mail campaigns etc.



Broadly, our back office services are categorized as :


New Business Services
Content Digitization services – We provide content digitization services to help organizations from diverse industries such as publishing and universities address the challenges of archiving of historical documents and newspapers.
Application processing
Database reconciliation
Account verification, confirmation, opening
Mailer dispatch
Account opening & administration
Pre-screening / reviewing of applications
Writing and assembling of contracts

Document Issuance


Administrative Services
Claims processing
Account administration
Data processing/ validation
Dispute resolution
Correspondence management
Service changes
Documentation/records maintenance
Account amendments and audit checks
Correspondence/statement generation

Customer data management


Finance & Accounting Services
Accounts reconciliation
Accounts payable
Bills reconciliation
Clearing and settlements
Liability processing
Processing of refunds
Adjustment and transfers